Warm congratulations: dotacoko brand shop opened in Putian, Fujian Jinding Plaza surprise

November 27, 2021

Day by day, blink of an eye to the weekend, only one day from the countdown to work out, go out and play too tired, not practical, might as well stroll with the little sister, to enrich the wardrobe yet. Where to go shopping better? Of course, is to dotacoko women's brand shop.

帛可 - dotacoko

Warmly celebrate the strong dotacoko settled in Fujian Putian Jinding Shopping Plaza, on the 18th day usher in a grand opening ceremony, which is undoubtedly a beautiful woman in Fujian, "Hao Li," because after that, you have one more The kind of clothing choice right.


For a shop, decoration and window display are more important, dotacoko women's atmosphere without losing the fine decoration style, coupled with the color separation-style display, people can not help but want to enter the store, "a Exactly ", greatly increased the traffic. Of course, the return to the product itself, dotacoko women are more attractive to women, not because of the popularity of European and American style blind imitation, but according to Asian women's body characteristics, combined with the eastern aesthetic taste, with "big girl, little woman" The positioning, the fashion into the daily style, you want can be found here.

Finally, I sincerely wish the business is booming, wide-reaching financial resources, performance steadily rising day by day!

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