Warmly congratulate the successful fruit children's clothing stationed in Zhongshan Guzhen superior department store

June 09, 2021

Warmly congratulate the success of the children's apparel brand in the Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City, superior department store, which not only proved the strength of the brand's children's clothing, but also reflects the brand's influence in the industry. Guzhen superior department store opened, the business is booming! During the opening of new stores, there are many more preferential activities are being carried out in hot, welcome to the parents to shop for children to buy stylish, healthy and comfortable children's clothing! The children's wear with colorful fruits and cartoon characters of energetic sunshine is integrated into the leading fashion and individualized design style to vividly interpret the positive and progressive life of children and highlight the children's brilliant growth in dreaming and become indispensable to children's hearts Preferred children's clothing brand. Children can return to the true nature of childhood, so that every wearer is full of confidence, flowing from the inside out happy, full of childhood flavor. In order to allow more children, parents get the love from the children's fruit Bunnies, Bunnies children's clothing full of motherhood devoted to all the details of children's clothing, and its brand stores in the interior design style, but also very stylish , Comfortable, environmental protection, to children and parents to create a full of childlike dream world, so that they can leave a good memory when shopping! Fruit brand is one of the well-known children's clothing brand, its franchise stores all over the major, in order to effectively expand the market, children's clothing brand Pringles is hot throughout the country in the investment, the majority of franchisees are welcome to join hands, s future! Join Hotline: Mr. Zheng/18607506909

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