Warmly congratulate Diskin Kai Zhongshan Grand Town Department Store grand opening

June 10, 2021

Warmly congratulate the women's clothing Disi. Kay Zhongshan Zhongshan City Department Store superior grand opening on November 22! Opening a new store I wish the business is booming! Financial sources wide into! Diskin. Kay women for everyone prepared a large number of US clothing, hope a lot of new and old customers a lot of support! At the same time also wish Disi. Kay can be good news, continue to add new members!


The Disi. Kay women's dress in the Zhongshan Guzhen superior department store opened a new store, on behalf of the Diskin. Kay is being more and more consumers accept and love, but also customers trust the Disney. Kai women's trust Proved, and the reason why Disney Kay Women's customers and consumers can get the favorite and favor, with Steven Kay has always insisted on the original brand design are inseparable, because it allows every fashion woman to show Own unique fashion charm.


Desi. Kay Women is a well-known designers to create the original designer brand, which adhering to the noble Italian art personality, brand aesthetic style without losing the romantic aesthetic, yet elegant personality of the individual arts, national modern without losing the modern, and Alternative lazy style is to show a different sense of fashion, for the Chinese modern women to provide a unique and distinctive personalized art ladies.



In order to make the brand has a greater visibility, Disney. Kay Women's hot investment for the country, if you also intend to join Dismet. Kay, please call! Join Hotline:, and finally wish Disi Ting. Kai new store opened! Business is booming!

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