The main varieties, properties and uses of composite fabrics

June 09, 2021

First, foam coated fabric

The foam-coated fabric is a composite fabric formed by bonding a fabric with a foam (such as polyurethane). Foam-coated fabrics are characterized by:

(1) Lightweight and soft, with warmth, commonly used as cold-proof material.

(2) The foam rate is internally composed of air bubbles connected to each other and has good air permeability.

(3) Good shape stability.

Second, adhesive fabric

The adhesive fabric is made by bonding two back-to-back fabrics together or adding three layers of fillers. This adhesive fabric has a wide range of uses in clothing, industry, and decoration. The characteristics of adhesive fabrics are:

(1) Some fabrics that cannot be individually cut and sewn are bonded to the inner fabric to make them dimensionally stable and have appropriate stretchability.

(2) It can be used to change the fabric combination and bonding conditions to improve the fabric feel, body bone, breathability and other properties.

(3) Easy to sew. The table is cut and sewn together, greatly simplifying the garment processing process.

Third, film coating fabric

According to different needs, can be made into different functional film-coated fabrics. For example, space cotton is made of polyester ultra-thin non-woven fabric, polyester and metal film composite warm material. The latest waterproof and breathable fabrics are made by coating polytetrafluoroethylene microporous film and polymer adhesive on the surface of the fabric. If the fabric, the waterproof and breathable film, and the lining are compounded together, a waterproof and breathable product having a respiratory function can be formed.

Fourth, multi-layer thermal fabric

From the inside and outside two layers of fabric, the middle of the wadding material, through weaving or quilting, they are combined together to form a composite fabric, generally used as a warm material. For example, three-layer thermal underwear that is common in the market in recent years is one of the products.

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