EXO member Bianbian wearing BOY LondonT shirt appearance

June 27, 2020

Recently, the popular day group EXO member Bianxian wearing British tide brand BOY London2013 new T-shirt appeared in South Korea's live music program "Music Bank." BOY LONDON, founded by Stephane Raynor in 1977, can be said to be the founder of the British street brand, was synonymous with music and costume culture in the 1980s. Since its inception marked rebellious label, continue to challenge the traditional apparel industry with a subversive idea, bold patterns, generous T-Shirt cut and so on are all iconic characteristics. BOY LONDON its maverick style makes its list of fans no shortage of Madonna, Lei Anna and other stars. However, since the brand quiet gradually fade out of sight, until 2007 to regain return, but also sought after by many superstars around the world, such as Kanye West, GD Quan Zhilong, Fan Bingbing and so on. This is the boy's attitude, it seems that everyone should be divided. Bold prints, oversized T-shirt, tight trousers, how you want to wear can be. BOY LONDON gives people a label. Such a brand, full of courage and strength, without fear of intimidation. It also represents the British label, full of inclusiveness, and anyone can wear and share it in their own way.

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