BBLLUUEE returns fashion to the essence of art

June 30, 2020

Another battle between art and fashion is happening at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. On July 11-13, the Pink Blue Wardrobe Fashion Group’s art and fashion creative exhibition named “Wake Up” was on schedule. The stage costumes appearing in Dancer in the Darkness together with other BBLLUUEE brand costumes give the audience another art call.

The appearance of BBLLUUEE's pavilion continued its diamond-cutting shape in its brand shop. Under the carved glass screen, it seemed to cover the heart of the call, lifted a corner, a few lights in the dark on the way to shine forward surprises, this is the inner world of BBLLUUEE, More than a dozen sets of artistic fashion show a graceful gesture in the dark, as if waiting for the audience to look back every time. The adjacent digital media area displays BBLLUUEE's fashion blockbusters and fashion musical recordings. The combination of dynamic and static displays gives the audience more joy. If you are interested in clothing or exhibition hall or other, you can participate in WeChat microblog interaction on site, and your message will be immediately displayed on the multimedia screen. The Pink Blue Wardrobe hopes to awaken fashion and art, cultural identity and artistic resonance between fashion and consumers through a variety of artistic expressions, awaken the artistic beauty of fashion, awaken your inner voice, and return fashion to art. Essentially, let more people participate in the love of fashion and art.

Like the search in darkness, you can see the light through darkness. BBLLUUEE Real Shop Show is at the end of the light, elegant and generous display of their elegant posture. The BBLLUUEE brand's unique musical artistic connotation originated from the words of Glasman, chairman of the French fashion union. In 2010, when the GLASMAN couple came to visit China, Li Feiyue and his wife performed a warm and welcoming piano and dance for them. GLASMAN said a word: “General Li, you are a musician. If I were you, I must The music arts are implanted in the brand.” Although Li Feiyue does not favor packaging himself as a musician to implant the brand, this sentence has given Li Feiyue inspiration and inspiration. So at the beginning of the establishment of BBLLUUEE, Mr. Li Feiyue thought about how to adopt artistic connotation. The shaping and the grafting of music and fashion create corporate culture and brand DNA, thus establishing a brand of unique cultural and artistic temperament.

Fashion is a soul, and women who have settled in life will reflect their experience and aesthetic in choosing fashion. “Mr. Li Feiyue said, BBLLUUEE is trying to awaken the beauty of the arts in their hearts and give them the opportunity to enrich their connotations and let women show their beauty of life and the artistic beauty of fashion from the perspective of life. From this perspective, there is content. Fashion brands can awaken women's resonance with fashion and art. This is the original intention of the BBLLUUEE Art & Fashion Exhibition "Wake Up."