What style of spring and summer 2014 popular cardigan Korean cardigan style with how

November 24, 2020

Can only lament time really fast, children grow up in a blink of an eye, year after year our pursuit of clothing has not changed, 2014 is coming, are you ready? The pace of the pursuit of fashion has not stopped, Anna Aiden Korean children's clothing spring and summer 14 fashion market, see how a small cardigan with. What is popular cardigan this year? Of course, is a knit cardigan, knit style no matter which season will not be outdated, two Korean knit cardigan style with white sweater blue shirt coupled with a navy blue overalls, so the boy dress will certainly make Your favorite, girls knit style, pink hollow sweater to take a white wave point T shirt is also accompanied by a pair of overalls is very Fan Han dress certainly very bright. Yellow brings a vitality, the temperature difference between morning and evening to deal with spring, a cardigan that is essential, a small yellow cardigan ride inside a white T-shirt, a deep wrinkle fluffy skirt, upper body brisk, lower body low With the color, just can complement each other, so that the spring can be dynamic yet stylish.

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