Shenzhen Beauty Beauty heart underwear company in 2014 popular investment

November 23, 2020


Shenzhen Color Beauty Heart underwear Co., Ltd. was established in 2004, is a commitment to research and development, operating underwear-based modern lingerie brand to join a large chain of institutions. The company has always been committed to fine management.Create exquisite brand, through years of concerted efforts, has now integrated a copy of the terminal for the "profit" system, the entire store output, to ensure maximum profit distributor profits. Strive to be a successful one to join. Become the new model of the domestic underwear chain leader.


2014 company to increase support for dealers, for the popular investment:

1: Initial fee: 9800 yuan (free)

2: Contract deposit: 10,000 yuan (no interest returned after the termination of cooperation)

3: 100% of the company underwear showcase presented.

4: 5888 yuan presented the opening of promotional items

Wealth Hotline:

(Mr. Xie)

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