Taiwan's opening up to open new outlets for coffee yarn underwear

February 24, 2019

Taiwan's Xingcai Industry slashes coffee slag, which is considered as waste, into textile yarns. It is used on various clothing, shoes, and bags. Taiwan Wacoal has recently launched coffee yarn underwear. The future will be expanded with the underwear industry. Cooperation.

Chen Guoqin, chairman of Taiwan's Xingcai Industrial Co., Ltd., said that environmental protection is not necessarily green. Cafe Environmental Technology Coffee Yarn, adding common coffee grounds to yarn, creating exclusive patented functional yarns, and adding new stories of waste recycling.

Chen Guoqin pointed out that coffee grounds have a deodorizing property, and after being extracted into coffee masterbatch, they are put into a polymerization process and can be drawn into yarns together with polyester, nylon, and various types of man-made fibers. Odor, quick-drying, anti-UV and other multiple effects, with the spirit of environmental protection.

He said that there are a lot of foreign customers that have been rejuvenated, and they are already partners of 70 well-known outdoor apparel brands such as North Face, New Balance, Timberland, and K. Brands such as Swiss, Giant, mainland Li Ning, Pathfinder and other clothing, shoes, bags, and even Starbucks coffee shop staff uniforms are also made with coffee grounds yarn.

For the first time this year, Taiwan's Xingcai participated in the Taipei Textile Exhibition (TITAS). At the conference, together with women's underwear leader Taiwan Wacoal, they jointly published several lingeries that use coffee yarn. Chen Guoqin said that Xingcai also cooperated with foreign underwear factories to produce. Sports underwear, the future does not rule out cooperation with more underwear factory.

He said that the products included yarn, cloth and clothing. The current functional fabric containing coffee yarns has a monthly production of about 1.5 million yards, accounting for 30% of the revenue, and is expected to increase to 40% next year; as for the monthly production of coffee yarn. About 500,000 yards; ready-made garments are designed for proofing and outsourcing; they only account for 15% of revenue; production capacity depends on the expansion of orders.

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