Sushen underwear for what age women wear different body types how to buy corset

March 06, 2021

According to the ergonomics stereoscopic material more in line with the human body structural features, adjust the body fat distribution, shaping a beautiful curve on the breast, abdomen, waist, hip, leg obvious effect, but also shows the female charm. Then confronting the mixed market, how should we choose their own corset? Here and Pamela look at it.

塑身内衣适合什么年纪的女性穿 不同体型的女性要怎么选购塑身衣

For those who wear body sculpting underwear are: postpartum need to restore the body of women, women with poor body proportions, such as flat chest, drooping buttocks, thick thighs women. And those who have local fat, it is difficult to reduce those who go. After 25 years of age there will be a downward trend in women's chest, then the body should be consciously delaying aging. In addition, middle-aged and elderly people should also improve their own dressing effect through wearing corset.

How to buy sculpting underwear corset purchase Raiders

1, buy body sculpting underwear must first go to the counter to see, listen to the underwear consultant scene to explain the various types of corsets and efficacy.

2, the choice of fabric, we must choose a moderate elastic Breathable good. Soft body lingerie with soft stick support, be sure to choose a soft stick, good elasticity, or wear after the action will be very uncomfortable.

3, the choice of size, it is best to ask professionals to personally measure the size of each body circumference, and according to their own body shape to choose to try on different underwear, until the election of the most suitable.

In accordance with the impression of their own body to choose the size of corset is a big mistake. Remember that the choice of corset should not be too tight, too tight will affect the blood circulation, should choose the appropriate type of elastic.

4, the summer has a special summer models corset, thin breathable, body sculpting while improving the effectiveness of the effect of the dress is very obvious. Some high-quality long summer models corset, not only on the chest gathered lifts the role, but also because it is the package hip design, wear skirts and other summer personal dress appears when the traceless effect, to avoid Due to Le marks caused by embarrassment.

Different sizes buy corset approach:

First of all, please look at your body, what are the parts you particularly mind if you do not have, then you need to be similar to the basic body care corset, this type of body clothing will be fat to get a reasonable distribution.

2, many women describe their body will be "a bit humpbacked," which means that the spine needs to be adjusted, cerclage correction cerclage usually with an X-type clip; "upper and lower shoulder" is the need to adjust the pelvis, adjust the pelvis Pelvic correction bandage and pelvic correction underwear (pelvic plastic underwear).

Need to be reminded that these are assisted physical therapy programs, if the age of the hunchback and the upper and lower shoulder is not heavy, it can be carried out by stretching similar to yoga Pilates to be corrected.

3, hip flat sagging and thicker legs, body sculpting Pants can choose. Pants pants in the pants, suitable for wearing pants to wear. Three-thirds long body sculpting pants not only wrapped thigh buttocks, to tighten, improve, but also in the buttocks with multiple layers of strong stretch fabric overlapping cut, effectively binding the hip, showing a dynamic posture. With high waist sculpting pants to adjust the size of the hip thigh can be regarded as a good recipe; shorts sculpting pants, suitable for wearing short skirts or shorts, or when wearing ordinary underwear, abdomen hip effect.

4, corset and sculpting pants with wear, can enhance the effect of dressing at the same time, always remind the wearer to maintain the correct sitting, standing. For a long time to wear their own corset, to prevent the expansion of the chest, drooping and hip drooping, widening deformation of the pelvis has a good effect. From the convenience of wearing durable considerations, it is recommended to buy split corset, abdomen hip cross section, because Siamese is really mobility, but the number is difficult to grasp.

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