Black gauze skirt with print trumpet sleeves chiffon shirt new

March 07, 2021

Walking down the street, this year's skirts are also unexpectedly popular. I believe many people see is the largest black double stitching Europe Gen yarn stitching skirt. Mysterious colors, full of charm. Looming white legs, sexy and charming. How to look like this dresses with it? Learn together below.

爱妮格 - Enaco

Black skirts in a comfortable light, natural sense of the most important summer clothing features. Exquisite fabric stitching, detailed cut detail, highlights the professional craftsmen. With a short t-shirt, loose and breathable version of the speaker sleeve embellishment, sweet and lovable. A touch of blue, is the color of choice for the summer age.

黑色网纱半身裙怎么搭配 印花喇叭袖雪纺衫新款

Through the black gauze or can be seen inside the skirt umbrella design, suitable for all kinds of legs type woman. Do not worry about the thick legs of the girls, this skirt will make you feel the unprecedented thin effect it. With a pink chiffon shirt, has a very good effect of reducing age shading it. What shoes are with the temperament and sweet.

Photo credit : Ainige ladies

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