Summer do not know how to dress with a nice dress easy to wear a door

March 02, 2021

Hot summer who do not want to be able to maintain a light and comfortable feeling all day long, after taking the shirt every morning, but also for the lower body lining what good and troubles, if you are tired of such a life, it is better to wear relaxed The dress, as long as one can go out. Look at ELLE women's Xiaobian recommended reference to several groups.

With features:

Stylish and comfortable diving fabric, crisp and not easy to wrinkle. Popular digital printing technology and black with clever integration, marching the bright rhythms of spring, showing a distinctive personality charm.

With features:

Simple H-type shoulder dress, clear and detailed printing patterns, fabric smooth and comfortable; with drop shoulder design to meet the current trend, upper body better. Bright and impressive pattern even more pink complexion.

夏季不知道衣服怎么搭配好看  连衣裙轻松一件穿出门

With features:

Gorgeous elegant color, three-dimensional geometric lace and beautiful lotus leaf sleeves combination of use, revealing the refined taste of fashion women, from the inside to reveal the charm of self-confidence.

Magical wipes, microfiber material. Adhesive dust effect is very good. Soft texture, no hair loss, wiping furniture, tableware, glass tiles and so no water mark, you can clean the car, rub the glass as a mirror, rub the computer screen, mobile phone screen , Clean and clean as new. Wipe the bowl, rub stove, clean electric light clean! Especially for those who do not hurt the lens, such as fear of wear, so thoroughly wash! Kitchen with, wipe glass, TV, glasses, car, clean and do not leave the dander all need to wipe the things are available.
1, dishwasher, wipe the table, wipe and so on
2, car wash, car wash
3, beauty salon industry-specific (beauty towel, dry hair towels, bath towels, etc.)
4, sweat towel
5, gift towels, advertising towels
Cleaning method
Wash your clothes with a washing machine or wash it with warm water plus detergent. After washing, wash thoroughly with water. The use of bleach will shorten the service life of ultrafine fiber clean towels. Do not use softeners. The softener will leave a thin film on the surface of the ultrafine fiber. Will seriously affect the wipe effect. And other clothing together with the washing machine washing or drying, it should be noted that because the ultra-fine fiber fabric will be adsorbed on the surface of soft clothing, and affect the use of results. In the air to dry or dry in the low temperature. Do not ironing and exposing.

Microfiber Long-short Pile Cleaning Towel

Microfiber Long-Short Pile Cleaning Towel,Cleaning Cloth,Microfiber Cleaner

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