Botswana free from the combination with emu

January 30, 2019

As the forerunner of "liberalism" and "heroism", through the connection with the various acts of men, the brand makes the brand more connotation in shaping the style. Boches BOCI creates a natural atmosphere that brings together the nature and harmony associated with it and embodies the style of free and unruly, which is exactly what modern fashion business people want to express And the meaning of the show. Therefore, "BOCI BOCI" has always been to use the mock of the environment, multi-element combination of the style of rubbing so that consumers have rich experience in the show. The use of 3D three-dimensional shear load, after 26,000-pin sewing, 128 procedures, 30-bit ironing stereotypes, 18 after the entire inspection, selected high-quality zipper, fine button accessories, lace art, after multiple processes from the sewing process , From the car, the alignment is more and more layers, so that the size parameters accurately close to the human body shape, so that version of the upper body more comfortable and decent.

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