Xi Sier conditioning underwear change thirteen years evaluation criteria for women's underwear

September 23, 2019


In 1999, with the adjustment of underwear for the brand logo Simsil appearance in Shenzhen, at the time decorative underwear in the underwear market environment in the rise of a distinctive banner, comfortable wearing experience and perfect body sculpting quickly attracted a large number of Female consumers, for Xi Shier in the underwear market a firm place. Women's traditional lingerie purchase standards so far also produced a new concept, the concept of underwear as adjustable handle the speed of light arrows, precise and powerful into the heart of consumers.

Since then, the brand reputation of Alsace has risen step by step as the sales volume of Alsace products has risen. The spread of consumer word of mouth has brought unprecedented confidence to Alsace and further deepened the brand belief of Alsace's continuous improvement of product quality. The introduction of professional product lines, professional underwear designer training, improve the meticulous sales throughout the service awareness, management and the size of the layout and expansion, all kinds of relentless, and finally enable Xisier Er on the track of quality and brand promotion Above, not only consumers like cell fission growth, Qian Shi Er franchise stores are also springing up rapidly all over China. Within a few short years, Qian Shi Er adjust underwear brand has been proud of the industry leader in functional underwear market.

There is also a change in consumer psychology changes, blindly focus on decorative forms of consumers no longer stand firm, healthy and beautiful body has become their new chase the United States. Effective maintenance of body shape curve and the effective elimination of the growth of fat so that women have a more persistent love for underwear, beauty and health have both naturally become the preferred darling of women choose underwear. With a hundred years of business dreams of Qian Shi Seoul continued with a positive attitude and action for the adjustment of underwear concept describes a page of glory, but also for Chinese women consumers a more beautiful way of life.
Beautiful endless. As of 2012, with 23 years of beautiful perseverance, mercurial vapor pas cher, Succeeded in becoming the precise standard of women's evaluation of underwear. In the future, the underwear revolution initiated by Sissel will continue inexorably with an inexorable continuation.

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