IFEICE (love Fei silk) underwear, let you cool + Icy a summer

August 09, 2019

The hot summer has arrived, a lot of beauty and beauty are to choose a little lighter underwear, in order to allow themselves to spend a refreshing summer. So face an array of underwear, what kind of material suitable for summer wear it?

Experts point out that underwear is the second skin of women, the most important thing is the quality of the purchase of underwear, should not blindly pursue fashion and beautiful and neglect of health. With the advent of summer, women friends have put on a beautiful fresh coat, then the fabric underwear should choose cotton, ice silk, hemp fiber, bamboo fiber, etc., because these fabrics are common features is thin, comfortable, breathable Moisturizing, ideal for summer wear.


Reporter randomly walked into an underwear store in the city and found that many women consumers in the selection of underwear. The owner told reporters that every summer, when women come to the store to pick out the fabric underwear increased significantly. This year the best selling store is IFEICE (Ai Fei Si) brand bra. Because IFEICE bra is not only a variety of fabrics, cotton, ice silk, liquefied titanium and other suitable for summer wear fabrics, and scientific design, style trendy, with light, soft, smooth, breathable, absorbent, comfortable, Health and other advantages, is the best summer bra. In particular, IFEICE ice silk bra bra, breathable, the skin can discharge sweat and sewage emitted to keep the skin dry, regulate body temperature and promote skin metabolism, is conducive to health, unique health care functions , Is the hot summer lingerie consumption.

It is understood that, IFEICE (Ai Feisi) underwear is Love underwear apparel brand underwear , to comfort, simplicity, fashion, health features, designed by top designers from Hong Kong, not only in the selection of the best gifted in the fabric, cutting On fit with the characteristics of oriental women's body, the use of ergonomics, design theory for scientific design, closely follow the international trend of style and fashion elements, a good interpretation of female psychology to meet their pursuit of fashion and healthy underwear. Wear IFEICE (Ai Fei Si) is not only comfortable and healthy, but also can add femininity and charm charming, greatly increased charm. In addition, IFEICE adjust the underwear, super good collection effect, not only put on good-looking body, not like other brand-conditioning underwear as tight, oppression of the breast, but very comfortable and free, breathing is known as "Will breathe" underwear, thus, IFEICE (Ai Fei Si) since listing, it has caused the attention and blitz of the underwear community and female consumers, the city girls called "super love baby!"

It is understood that IFEICE underwear brand in the design of underwear, attaches great importance to the consumer experience, the new underwear market, pay attention to collect consumer feedback on the underwear, and based on consumer opinion, the next Underwear design to be improved and improved so that customer satisfaction improved significantly. IFEICE underwear In order to achieve the goal of all women in the world to wear cheap adjustable underwear, IFEICE (Ai Fei silk) price positioning in the 69-198 yuan, take the fashion-adjusted underwear Route, thus saving consumers money, so that consumers are mentally and materially enjoyable and satisfied.
Beautiful ladies, summer has arrived, let IFEICE (Love Fei Si) bring you a cool + cool summer fun!

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