Crocodile snake children's clothing 2011 summer more exciting

November 30, 2018

Qiaozui (QIAO ZUI SHE) brand children's clothing style originated from the European and Korean fashion in high-end children's clothing, is a stylish cutting-edge, happy casual children's clothing brand. QIAO ZUI SHE advocates simple but not simple, stylish personality, happy casual blend of taste and culture. QIAO ZUI SHE integrates into cool warhead series, fashion sports series, rebellious angel series and parent-child series into the warbler's theme product, which is spread and promoted with perfect product structure and clear colors Children's clothing style. Target consumer groups targeted at 2-15 years old imaginative and expressive, the pursuit of fashion, healthy life of children and adolescents. Cool era series to fashion, personality, atmosphere, simple, bold use of popular elements, the children dressed as a personality, type, avant-garde generation. This series of products through the match, decorative pendants, LOGO, etc. show children are "cool" shape. Rebellious angel series to highlight the independence and rebel rebellion of the main girls, mainly girls show without exaggeration, simple and not simple, with emphasis on children that kind of naughty, rebellious, innocent, longing for the maturity of the independent personality. Through this series of expressions of young girls eager to mature but inconsistent with the actual age of ambivalence. QIAO ZUI SHE "children's wear brand to adopt a single store to join, the provincial agency, city agents, self-employed and associates and other forms of combining the development of the domestic market, the terminal implementation of the" cultural stores "and" green stores " Strategy, and actively advocate creating a bright, comfortable and unique one-stop shopping platform for consumers. In 2011, the QIAO ZUI SHE brand is fully implementing the cooperation mode of tripartite cooperation among suppliers, companies and distributors, The company is committed to creating close and long-term strategic cooperation with the upstream and downstream brands, work together to create brand wealth career.